Learning That Targets
All Learning Styles


Blended Learning : Overview

At SKILD, we believe that there is no "One size fits all" for training programs.

We bring an effective combination of different modes of training delivery, learning methodologies, styles of learning, and apply them to make a right blend of learning solutions that is both meaningful and aligned to business needs.

Blended Learning is appropriate when:

Learners have different learning stylesLearners have to pick up new skills on the job rather than being trained*

Our blended learning solutions empower learners to complete real world tasks more accurately and effectively while saving time spent on training.

*Research shows that learners who take Blended Learning increases ability to apply new skills on the job.


Blended Learning solutions have a wide range of applications including:

  • Technical training
  • Business and management training
  • Soft skills training
  • Channel Partner training
  • Product training for sales
  • Customer training
  • Process training
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