Enable Channel Partners to Effectively
Sell and Support Your Products


Channel partner: Overview

Channel Partners are an integral part of global organizations. They extend the reach of businesses and also provide local support to customers.

To ensure continued business success, it is critical that channel partners are well trained on products and technologies.

Quality product training for Channel Partners ensure that they sell and support products at every opportunity.

Unique: Challenges

Channel Partners need to be trained on both sales and support. Product training challenges for Channel Partners include:

  • Diversity and Distribution – Channel networks are distributed globally. Your channel network can be diverse with a mix of new, existing, multi-brand, and exclusive partners
  • Consistency – Organizations need to ensure there is consistency in the branding and product information shared with the channel network
  • Speed – With frequent product launches and updates to existing products it is a challenge to train channel networks quickly and effectively

How We: Help

SKILD Solutions has a long and successful track record in designing, developing, and delivering product training for Channel Partners.

Our Channel Partner solution has the following key elements:

Product Knowledge – Product information is always dynamic with upgrades and new product launches. Our product knowledge solutions incorporate short, byte-sized interactive online training that are easy to understand and upgrade.

Consistent Message – Our solution ensures your channel network receives the same information and in the same way.

Just-in-Time Information – At SKILD Solutions, we believe in the power of reinforcement of learning. With a sales portal, or micro-site, you can ensure your team has access to product information, articles, and forums anytime, anywhere and on any device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Certifications – A certified Channel Partner is an asset. Certifications are not only a way to measure learning, but they also help you identify weaknesses in product knowledge for each partner in your network.

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