Practice and Master Laboratory
Science Skills in a Virtual Environment


Laboratory Science and Technology: Overview

Laboratory science is often at the forefront of innovations and advances in a number of diverse fields.

From Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy to Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Sciences, Bio-terrorism, Material Testing; Laboratory Science plays a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of science.

Automation and the integration of technology are moving hand-in-hand with innovations and advancements in these fields.

With ever changing technology, evolving research, and renewed focus on the sciences, it is critical that laboratory researchers and technologists are trained to take advantage of the benefits offered by automation and adopt proven Information Technology solutions to maximize their efficiency.

How We: Help

SKILD Solutions has partnered with a number of Laboratory Product Technology companies to train and equip laboratory personnel with requisite knowledge and skills.

We have developed trainings on Analytical Chemistry Tools and Techniques, Gas Chromatography, Centrifuges, Mercury Analyzers etc.

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