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Localization: Overview

At SKILD, we understand the training challenges faced by companies in training their global workforce and partners.

In order to maximize the impact of your eLearning courses, our team also specializes in translating dynamic eLearning content into different languages. This enables your courses to not only be accessible to your learners across the globe but also are comprehensive and effective as well.

We provide exceptional translation and localization services, for your eLearning and training courses, into practically all major languages of the world.


Our translation and localization service help you in areas such as:

  • Complete eLearning courseware translation
  • Webinars translations
  • Audio recordings
  • Replacement of transcript and onscreen text
  • Preparation of scripts

Our team of rich experienced professionals both in content development and instructional design come from engineering and business backgrounds. This ensures that your Simulations not only just be a great learning tool but also help you achieve business your objectives.

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