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Manufacturing: Overview

Today, the manufacturing industry is facing significant challenges like finding and keeping skilled labor, handling cost pressures, and adapting to changing consumer needs.

Also, manufacturing is undergoing tremendous transformation because of automation and offshoring. With intense global competition, companies are turning to innovative improved manufacturing processes like Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Management, and Just-In-Time.

Employers are struggling to find individuals who are skilled and mechanically adept. The lack of skilled laborers hinders productivity, creating a disadvantage against their competitors.

Without quality manpower, research and development cannot thrive leading to a slowdown in product innovation. The quality of labor impacts efficiency and productivity affecting revenue (top line) and profitability (bottom line).

Investing in training your employees is crucial to ensuring continued growth.

How We: Help

SKILD Solutions has a long-standing relationship with manufacturers across the globe.

We have developed training for Processes, IT Solutions, Six Sigma, Lean Management, and TQM etc.

Our learning solutions enable your employees to increase their productivity by helping them improve their knowledge and skills.

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