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Just - in - Time Learning

Mobile Learning: Overview


In today's connected world, mobile devices have evolved into smart computing devices that have increasingly become essential in our day-to-day lives.

With increasing costs and shrinking margins, more and more organizations have shown willingness to embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement and a few have even distributed select devices among their employees in the bid to be more competitive.

Our team has the expertise to work with evolving technologies to help you gain all the advantages mobile devices can offer for learning. SKILD offers a wide range of Mobile Learning (mLearning) solutions that can be customized to meet your learners performance requirements as well as your business needs.

How We Help

mLearning is meant to supplement traditional learning like ILT and eLearning.

SKILD uses a robust mLearning development approach that helps you;

  • Create tailored content that is context-specific
  • Focus attention on performance
  • Deliver learning in bite-sized chunks
  • Provide Just-In-time Information


We believe mLearning can be effective in the following moments of learning need:

  • When Learning for the First Time
  • When Wanting to Learn More
  • When Trying to Remember
  • When Things Change
  • As a Just-in-time Tool
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