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Onboarding and Induction

It is important that you set the right tone when onboarding new members of your team. You want them to know that they have made the right decision by joining your organization.

Each year, nearly 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career transition. Turnover is expensive, so it’s important to support new employees with comprehensive onboarding to ensure their success.

First Impressions are the Best Impressions!


Onboarding and Induction programs can be challenging because of the following reasons:

Need to Belong

New hires need to confirm that they have made a great decision by joining your organization. Making them believe in your vision, mission and values is the key to engaging new employees and also enabling retention.


What is acceptable and what is not acceptable? Too often new hires have to resort to guessing games to understand a company’s culture, policies, and procedures.

Getting Started

How do your new employees become productive? Too often induction programs fail to explain the onboarding process to new employees who join the organization.

How We Help

At SKILD Solutions, we use the following four pronged approach towards Onboarding and Induction:


This phase is the pre-induction. Well thought out adverts and motivational videos delivered through an induction portal to set the tone for the induction program that follows

Your Story

At SKILD Solutions, we believe that storytelling is the best way to explain values. We help you tell your stories—who you are, where you come from, where you want to be—with engaging animations, videos, and graphics.

Right Conduct

Scenarios and role-plays are the best way to demonstrate values and behaviors.

Job Readiness

This is where new employees move into their role and start becoming productive. Our approach is to ensure that new hires have on-demand access to Just-in-Time information with the help of portals, microsites, mobile apps.