Retail: Overview

With the advent of E-Commerce, the retail industry has gone through a paradigm shift. Today’s retailers have realized that they need to connect with users on multiple channels and touch points simultaneously or even interchangeably.

The flexibility provided by innovations in mobile technology and other cloud applications has made it possible for people buy, sell, rent, or view products at anytime and anywhere. This has led more and more traditional retailers to start implementing solutions to personalize the in-store experience of each customer.

Despite the changing landscape of the industry, traditional retail operations, although evolving, are still intact. Retailers still grapple with issues and challenges of high employee turnover, customer service, inventory and stock management, marketing, merchandising, loss prevention etc.

Keeping this context in mind, retailers need to continuously upgrade the skills of their employees to keep pace with the ever-evolving purchasing preferences of shoppers, technology, and operations.

How We: Help

SKILD Solutions has substantial experience of providing learning and technology solutions customized to the requirements of our Retail industry clients. We have designed and developed retail-specific e-learning courseware on a variety topics, including visual merchandising, stock management, store operations, POS systems, store security and loss prevention etc.

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