Learning by Doing


Simulations: Overview

The main purpose of using Simulations is to make the learning experiential.

Learning simulations put the learner in an environment very similar to real life situations where the learner can actually participate. The learner gets an opportunity to try all possible outcomes.

The impact of negative and positive feedback in Simulation is very powerful. This is because the consequences in most cases are immediate. If the learner makes a wrong decision, he or she can go back and see what would happen if they had made the right decision.


Keeping in mind the business objectives, simulations can address the following challenges:

  • When learning has to happen in a complex environment
  • Where training can happen only when leaner has to freedom to fail
  • Where learning can only by doing
  • Complex process training where learners need to be trained to understand a large number of inputs in limited time-frames and make appropriate decisions

Our team of rich experienced professionals both in content development and instructional design come from engineering and business backgrounds. This ensures that your Simulations not only just be a great learning tool but also help you achieve business your objectives.



Simulations can be used for technical training, business management skills, and soft skills training. We offer several types of Simulations in the following areas:

  • Software Application
  • Process Knowledge
  • Product Training
  • Principle–based Simulations
  • Problem–based Simulations
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