Transform Boring Webinars into
Engaging Learning


Xpress Learning: Overview

Webinars are live events that provide the experience of classroom learning in an electronic format. These courses can be a great asset in any training curriculum as they can be recorded, stored, and distributed very easily. However, more and more learners are experiencing difficulties in learning through recorded webinars. One of the major reasons for this is the 'ease of use'.

Another reason frequently cited by learning and development professionals is the low level of SCORMification in tracking learner progress when covering compliance, technical, and process specific information delivered via webinars.

Unique: Challenges

Common Problems with Webinar Training

  • The learner cannot engage and interact with the learning
  • The learner cannot navigate to the topic of his/her choice
  • Cannot track learner progress and completion
  • Difficulty for learners to attend webinars
  • Too much or too little content on the screen
  • No standard visual design strategy
  • Very basic SCORM tracking (only start & end)

How We Help

Our Xpress Learning solutions are designed specifically with keeping the limitations of webinars in mind. With our solution, you can make your webinar more engaging with the use of minimal interactivity and animations including:

  • Next and Back user controls for easy navigation
  • Table of Contents (TOC) for quick access
  • Slide and course duration counters
  • Content chunking and information design
  • Consistent and high quality visuals to support content
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