SKILD's avant-garde HCM solutions harnesses the Expertise of seasoned Oracle HCM consultants

Harnessing the expertise of seasoned Oracle HCM consultants, SKILD's avant-garde HCM solutions are the driving force propelling triumph within your preferred HCM systems. Employing a dynamic and all-encompassing consulting methodology, SKILD orchestrates a transformative journey, steering clients through strategic insights, intricate analysis, visionary solution design, innovative development, seamless implementation, holistic adoption change management, and unwavering support. Our service offerings include:

Oracle's HR solution manages the employee lifecycle, ensuring compliance globally. It covers core HR, onboarding, benefits, absence, workforce modeling, health & safety, work-life solutions, and advanced HCM control that provide advanced options for configuring and fine-tuning various HR processes, workflows, and rules according to the organization's unique needs.


  •   Core human resources
  •   Onboarding
  •   Benefits
  •   Absence management
  •   Workforce directory
  •   HR help desk
  •   Work-life solutions
  •   Advance HCM controls
  •   Workforce modelling and predictions
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Oracle HCM Cloud simplifies talent management with solutions for recruitment, performance, and learning. It Includes profile management, performance, goals, career, talent review, succession, recruiting, and learning.


  •   Recruiting
  •   Performance management
  •   Compensation
  •   Learning
  •   Succession planning
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Oracle Workforce Management optimizes performance and productivity. This solution covers time tracking, planning, track employee well-being, compliance with safety regulations, incident reporting, absences, and predictive insights for efficient scheduling.


  •   Workforce time and labor
  •   Strategic workforce planning
  •   Workforce health and safety
  •   Absences management
  •   Workforce modelling and predictions
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Oracle Payroll Cloud streamlines payroll by automating manual tasks, minimizing errors. Ensure precise payroll adherence to regulations and tax reporting through Oracle HCM Cloud suite. It offers a comprehensive payroll solution for countries like the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, and more, with features including a global payroll interface, automatic tax updates, and geography updates for cities, states, postal codes, and counties.


  •   Global payroll
  •   Payroll interface
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This provides ready-to-use reports and dashboards for in-depth workforce insights. Effectively analyze workforce changes, performance goals, and retention rates. It features a prebuilt KPI library, simplified data management, prebuilt machine learning, and the capability to incorporate additional data sources.

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SKILD's offering comprises a diverse range of flexible support plans and innovative pricing options designed to sustain and optimize your Oracle HCM environment. We understand that maintaining and supporting critical applications like Oracle HCM demands precision and efficiency.

Our support model aligns seamlessly with industry best practices for production support and maintenance. By consolidating, standardizing, and optimizing IT services, we eliminate operational redundancies, allowing your organization to operate at its peak potential.

In today's competitive landscape, organizations must uncover new avenues to increase operational efficiency, bolster service availability and responsiveness, all while keeping a tight grip on costs. Our support services enable you to reduce operational overheads, retain control over strategic aspects, and ensure predictability in IT expenditure. Additionally, our flexible resource allocation ensures scalability when the need arises.

Salient features of Oracle maintenance and support services are:

  •   Efficient knowledge transfer from existing staff
  •   Effective take-over of application support
  •   Smooth & transparent operations
  •   Cost effective services
  •   Service in line with agreed set of SLA parameters

Our support services include valuable consulting advisory as an integral part of the process.

With each quarterly Oracle update, our team of experts will guide you through the process. We analyze and enhance your cloud system, identifying additional features that can benefit your organization and optimizing your system for maximum advantage.

Our approach, backed by accelerators and the expertise of certified professionals, ensures a significant increase in efficiency, resulting in a maximum cost-benefit ratio.

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Training Offering 01

Oracle learning path is a combination of multiple training programs organized in sequential manner to achieve expertise in specific subject area.


Training Offering 02

Depending on the target users of these trainings, Oracle training program is developed in four stages.


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SKILD Solutions helps the world's leading businesses improve employee performance and develop talent through innovative and transformational HCM and Learning solutions.


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SKILD Solutions, as a global Oracle partner, offers several significant advantages in HCM Solutions.

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SKILD Solutions helps the world's leading businesses improve employee performance and develop talent

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SKILD specializes in developing customized HCM solutions in areas like Global HR, Talent mangement, Recruiting & learning. It uses oracle unified methodology for implementation.

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Connect every human resource process-and every person-across your enterprise, from hiring to onboarding to promotions. Make faster, smarter, and more strategic decisions.

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